Doing what Dropbox is doing and doing it wrong

Let’s take a couple of examples. Switched from an older machine recently, therefore I need to setup all my stuff. As I don’t like to depend on a single service, for redundancy’s sake, I also keep a backup for Dropbox.

SpiderOak – backs up stuff, uses client side encryption, has optional sync between your machines. So far, so good. In the latest OS X client, at least, the possibility to paste the password is missing. Thanks, I’ll me use my password manager instead with services that don’t do such a braindead thing. Seriously, there’s a thing that improves the security of the password authentication. It is called two factor authentication. Dropbox has it. Google has it. In fact, any decent service has it. Disabling the possibility to paste the password, not so much.

Google Drive – you wouldn’t think I’m letting Google of the hook this time. As I don’t trust with my data these sync services, I always do client side encryption. Dropbox doesn’t choke on it, SpiderOak doesn’t choke on it. Google Drive must be a special kind of breed as it chokes on my encrypted files with “Upload Error – An unknown issue has occurred “. Gee, let me fix the error message for you: “your piece of shit encrypted files aren’t of any use for us, there’s no personal info there”. Was it that difficult? Thanks, but the market is full of alternatives. Seriously Google, you could do better than this “not being evil” thing.

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